Zichron Yaakov

Combining History, Attractions and Vacation in Israel

Zichron Ya’akov was founded in December 1882 when 100 Jewish pioneers from Romania, members of the Hovevei Zion movement.

It is home to Israel’s first winery, Carmel-Mizrachi, offers its pedestrian-friendly streets, cafés, galleries and old-time charm (all of which can be enjoyed from concentrate on Founders St., also called Wine Way), the town attracts visitors from everywhere. Above all – it offers rich history and plenty of Zionist heritage.

In 1883, Baron Edmond James de Rothschild became the patron of the settlement

It is only 15 miles south to Haifa, just off the highway exit. It is rich in heritage of the 1800’s and 1900’s Zionist settlement in Israel, one of the nicest towns in Israel

The old town center boardwalk (“midrachov”) offers a variety of local art galleries, restaurants and cafes.

Falafel? Try one of the two (Kosher) falafel shops on the street and complement your day’s experience with savory taste to last.


Zichron Yaakov Boardwalk

“Ohel Yakov” Synagogue was built in 1886 and was the largest and finest synagogues among all Rothschild settlements in the late 1800’s. clip_image004

Ohel Yaakov Sinagogue, Zichron Yaakov

The “First Aliyah” Museum unfolds the history of the First Alyiah immigration movement and the Baron Rothschild in the late 1800’s


First Aliyah Musem, Zichron Yaakov

The Aaronsohn House – Nili Museum recreates the history of the Nili Spy network. The group volunteered to spy on Ottoman positions and report them to British agents offshore.



The NILI Musem, Zichron Yaakov


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