The trend of Veganism in Tel-Aviv

In the past year in Israel, especially in the city of Tel Aviv, a new trend has come about in city life – the trend of Veganism – טִבְעוֹנוּת. Huge numbers of people have decided in a short space of time to change their menu from eating animals products, including meat – בָּשָׂר as well as dairy and

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eggs, to only eating fruit, vegetables, pulses and grains.

When I wake up every morning, my day starts with a cup of coffee with milk and for my children I prepare an omelet- חֲבִיתָה- from eggs. The vegan -טִבְעוֹנִי –wakes up and makes his coffee with soymilk and his kids certainly won’t eat an omelet, or anything else from an animal – they’ll probably have cereal, with soymilk.


Say hi to Adi from Tel Aviv, who explains why she became vegan:

בחרתי להיות טבעונית כי קשה לי לראות את הפגיעה בבעלי החיים…את הזוועות של דרך הטיפול או ההריגה שלא מראים לציבור וזו פשוט אכזריות”. צריך להבין שזה לא רק להרוג, ולהתנהג בברוטאליות כלפי בעלי החיים. זה גם ענין אקולוגי. הזיהום שנגרם מהפסולת בתעשייה הזו הוא עצום. הפסולת הזו מזהמת את הנחלים, את הקרקע שאנחנו דורכים עליה ואת האוויר שאנחנו נושמים

“I chose to be a vegan because I cannot bear to see the harm caused to animals … the horrors of the way they are treated and killed, horrible things never seen by the greater public, this is just cruel. You have to understand that it is not only about the killing, but about the way people behave brutally toward animals. It’s also a matter of ecology. The pollution caused by waste in this industry is huge. The garbage pollutes the rivers, the ground that we walk upon and the air we breathe.”

Let’s learn some Hebrew words that can be found on a vegan menu:

First and foremost, the word for vegetables – יְרָקוֹת –yerakot. And what goes well with vegetables? Of course, fruit!-פְּרִי –p’ri.

Another two important words are legume-קִטְנִית –and cereal-דָּגָן. Two things that I really like to eat are nut-אֱגוֹז – and almond-שָׁקֵד.

Is this just another trend or do you think that the world will return to the days of Adam and Eve when there was no other way to be but vegan?

Time will tell, dear friends.

In the meantime, have a great week,



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