Number of Reasons for Immigration & Settlement in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, is the largest city with a population of about 700,000 residents, and in its municipal area.

The unique combination of past and present, spiritual and material, academic and industry have turned Jerusalem into a modern city that is most suitable for absorbing young and high-quality aliya.
Indeed, since the new Aliya wave began in 1989, Jerusalem has absorbed more olim from the western world than any other city in the country.
Jerusalem with its 63,624 olim from western countries who came to Israel between the years 1989-2005, is in the third place after Haifa and Ashdod in absorbing aliya. Of this number, 16,042 olim came from France and North America. (According to data received from the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption from December 2005).


Jerusalem, as the modern capital city is located in the heart of the country, home to most of the government offices, various prestigious educational institutions, the leading university in the country, hi-tech areas of the most advanced in the world, offers the modern new immigrant options that suit his specific needs.

The new and developing traffic plans (Road 6 which crosses Israel, the express Tel-Aviv-Jerusalem Train, Road 9 which encircles Jerusalem and offers new entries into the city and the Jerusalem internal city train) help realize the potential in Jerusalem’s geographical location and facilitates arrival at 60% of Israel’s work possibilities in up to 90 minutes.
Jerusalem is proud to present you with this pamphlet, which includes updated general information, in order to help you prepare your aliya to Jerusalem.

The Community Aliya Project is a joint project of the Ministry of Immigration Absorption, the Jewish Agency and the Jerusalem municipality. The project’s goal is to assist Olim families to adapt in the best way, in major areas of their new life: help children to integrate in the education system, increasing ulpan hours for grownups, guidance and assistance in employment matters and financial help in rent. The project manager operates from Jerusalem and accompanies families who are interested in aliya while they are still abroad and throughout their first year in Israel (2 years concerning employment). The project manager takes care of community and social events such as tours of the country, lectures and cultural evenings.
Registering for the project is done only via the Jewish Agency Shaliach abroad!
Akiva Werber – North America-Jerusalem Aliya representative
Emanuel Shiber – France-Jerusalem Aliya representative.

Jerusalem at Night

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