Hebrew words for the autumn and their antonyms

My lovely little daughter Haleli really loves to sit with me and play with box games, or as we call them, “Mischakey Qufsa’- משחקי קופסא. One of her favorite games is called “hafachim“- opposites. In singular form its הֶפֶךְ (heh-feh-chaf sofit).

Another great way to learn Hebrew is to speak about words and their antonyms. Since we have just marked the beginning of autumn, today’s words are going to be related to this beautiful time of the year.


Let’s begin with the weather. Autumn, like spring, is a season that the weatherman will tell you is really essential. There’s a joke about weathermen in Israel that says their job in summer is pretty easy, since all they say pretty much is the word “warm”, every so often adding an adverb that describes it, such as “really warm.” The Hebrew word for warm is “Cham”- חָם. The letters are chet and mem sofit with the long vowel underneath the letter chet (qamats). The word for the opposite of warm has also two letters: qof and resh and is pronounced “Qar”- קָר.

Another two words that are related to the weather are “wet” and “dry”. The word “wet” has three letters – resh, tet and vet. The pronunciation of this word is “Ratov” it’s written like this –  רָטֹב. The word “dry” also has three letters: yod, vet and shin- יָבֵשׁ (Yavesh).   By the way, in the Hebrew slang if someone is not cooperating he’s called a “dry man”, using the same word.

The falling of the leaves is known in Hebrew as “Shalechet”- שַׁלֶּכֶת. When you need to describe this action, you can use the participle form and say in Masculine Singular נוֹשֵר (Nosher), using the letters nun, vav shin and resh. Interestingly, you can use the word in same form to describe growth –  ”Tsomeach”- צוֹמֵח.

Other words that are related to the flowering and withering are the words “Poreach”- פּוֹרֵחַand “Novel”- נוֹבֵל. Let’s end this post by enjoying some Hebrew words about the first rain that the Dahan family has been singing this week:

“Rain, rain from the heavens. The voice of the crowd are the drops of the water: tif-tif-taf, tif-tif-taf, clap your hands palm to palm”

Geshem geshem mishamayim, kol hamon tippot hamyim. Tif tif taf, tif tif taf, macha’u kaf ‘el kaf

“גֶּשֶׁם גֶּשֶׁם, מִשָּׁמַיִם

קוֹל הֲמוֹן טִפּוֹת הַמַּיִם



מַחֲאוּ כַּף אֶל כַּף”!

You can listen to this song here:

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