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Zichron Yaakov

Combining History, Attractions and Vacation in Israel Zichron Ya’akov was founded in December 1882 when 100 Jewish pioneers from Romania, members of the Hovevei Zion movement. It is home to Israel’s first winery, Carmel-Mizrachi, offers its pedestrian-friendly streets, cafés, galleries and old-time charm (all of which can be enjoyed from concentrate on Founders St., also [...]

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Shiloh – just as you read it… In the Biblical heartland – Part 1

“It then dawned within my senses… My adventure had begun! It was a dream come true and nothing would stop it.” Irene Fernandez Shiloh is so full of history – the kind I have poured hours over – reading and mail-exchange with David Rubin, today former mayor of Shiloh and author of, God, Israel and [...]

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Welcome to Israel: 235 Jewish immigrants arrived at the Holy land

235 new immigrants (עולים חדשים) landed in Ben Gurion airport, Israel, on August 13th. The Jewish immigrants made aliyah (עליה) from North America to Israel. These “Olim Xadashim” came to Israel thanks to the cooperation of “Jewish Agency for Israel” (הסוכנות היהודית) and “NBN” – “Nefesh B’Nefesh” (נפש בנפש). It’s very exciting when new Olim [...]

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