Let’s speak about the truth

One of the most beautiful words in Hebrew is the word אֱמֶת (Aleph-Mem-Tav) which means “truth.” The truth is something that we always strive for in our lives and there are many ways in which we try to achieve that goal. Last week we commemorated two days upon which two important leaders were killed simply because they sought truth – Yitzchak Rabin and Rehavam Ze’evi.  The first was our Prime Minister, the second was the Tourism Minister. Both worked in parliament after distinguished military careers in the IDF.


When someone is murdered for having different thoughts it highlights the ugly nature of intolerance in our society and reminds us how many people have sadly been killed because of their ideology.  When then we try to look synonyms for the word truth, we can find many.

There are several expressions that include the word truth as אֱמֶת וְיָצִיב (‘emet ve-yatsiv, meaning true and stable) or a duplication of the word when we say אֱמֶת לְאֱמְתָּה (‘emet le’emtah). There’s another expression where we describe the truth as gold and that such truth is refined –’emet tserufah’-אֱמֶת צְרוּפָה.

There are also a number of fabulous expressions that insinuate truth, such as “I will sign every word”- ‘ani Chotem ‘al Kol Millah-אֲנִי חוֹתֵם עָל כֹּל מִלָּה, or the expression “Kol Millah Ba-sela’- every word is one the rock-כֹּל מילה בסלע.

When I was a child,  I was always really impressed by the speeches of Prime Minister Menachem Begin, whose famous sentence when he resigned was “I can’t do it anymore”- ‘eini Yachol ‘od- איני יכול עוד.

When Begin wrote in his book “The Rebellion” about the truth, he said:

 ”האמת היא ערך מוחלט. אין היא זקוקה לאישורם של אלה המורדים בה.    אבל, אם גם המתכחשים לה, מודים בה, אות הוא, כי נצחונה השלם הוא בלתי נמנע.”

“The truth is of absolute value. It doesn’t need the approval of those who rebel against. However, if those who deny it acknowledge that it is right, then this is a sign that its complete victory is inevitable”.

With these beautiful words, let me just say that the truth is something that every man and woman should strive for, even though these days we talk about many truths, in plural, and not one truth the way it was back in the Old Ages.

May you all have a blessed week,


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