Common greetings in Hebrew

Shalom friends, if you are planning a trip to Israel, you might want to learn a few nice greetings in Hebrew. If you know Hebrew, you have probably noticed that many greetings expressions are taken from the Jewish religious world (expressions with the words: G-d, Ha-shem, Elohim etc.) . Hope you will find them useful… Enjoy!

Blessings and Congratulations – Mazel u’Bracha – מזל וברכה

A Good and Blessed Month – Chodesh Tov u’Mevorach-חודש טוב ומבורך

All The Best

All The Best – Kol Tuv – כל טוב

Kind Regards – Drishat Shalom (D”SH) – (ד”ש ( דרישת שלום

With G-d’s Help- B’Ezrat Hashem – בעזרת השם

With Pleasure – Beratzon – ברצון

Thank you very much – Toda Rabbah- תודה רבה

Thank G-d – Baruch Hashem – ברוך השם

Good Week – Shavua Tov – שבוע טוב

Ever So Grateful – Asir Todah (masc.) , Asirat Todah (fem.) – אסיר תודהאסירת תודה

With Love – B’Ahavah – באהבה

All the Best – Behatzlacha – בהצלחה

Good day – Yom Tov – יום טוב

Good morning – Boker Tov – בוקר טוב

Good Afternoon – Tzaharaim Tovim – צהריים טובים

Good evening – Erev Tov – ערב טוב

Good night – Lailah Tov – לילה טוב

To Life – LeChayim – לחיים

Congratulations – Mazel Tov – מזל טוב

Best Wishes – Meytav HaIchulim – מיטב האיחולים

May you live to be 120 – Ad me’ah ve’esrim shanah – עד מאה ועשרים שנה

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday – Yom Huledet Same’ach – יום הולדת שמח

Seasons of Joy – Mo’adim LeSimcha – מועדים לשמחה

Happy Holiday – Chag Sameach – חג שמח

A Peaceful and Blessed Sabbath – Shabbat Shalom u’Mevorach-שבת שלום ומבורך

Be Healthy – Tihye Ba’ri – תהיה בריא

Go in Peace and Return in Peace – Tzetech leShalom veShuvech leShalom –

צאתך לשלום ושובך לשלום

May You Have Strength – Yasher Koach – ישר כח

Blessed Are Those Who Come – Bruchim haBaim – ברוכים הבאים

With Pleasure – Beratzon – ברצון

Have a Good Time – Bilui Naim – בילוי נעים

Thank You in Advance – BeTodah Me-rosh –בתודה מראש

You’re Welcome – Ein Be’ad Ma – אין בעד מה

I had a Delightful Time – HaYanayim Me’od – היה נעים מאוד

Peace Be Upon You – Shalom Aleichem – שלום עליכם

Peace and Blessing to Israel

Peace and Blessing to Israel – Shalom uv’racha leYisrael – שלום וברכה לישראל

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This week’s Hebrew tip: Buy flash cards and write Hebrew words in them. You can learn Hebrew while you are waiting for an elevator or in a line at museum or cinema.

-Waiting for an elevator and inside it.

-Waiting in line at some desk, museum or cinema.

-Commuting in public transports.

-Waiting on the phone.

-Waiting at the restaurant.

9 Responses to Common greetings in Hebrew

  1. sharmilla williams says:

    It will b a priviledge 2 speak Hebrew & understand the writing. I’m blessed & pray that God opens up the eyes of my understanding.

  2. Awolowo Michael says:

    It has being confirmed that to realing know the bible and to be able to demitologize it accurately and effectively their is need to understand the importance of Hebrew Language and its application then we would be able to realing know how sweet the word of Yahweh is in individual lifes. Keep-on the wonderful work you are doing, we are realing enjoying it.Toda Rabbah.

  3. Enchang Kaimo says:

    Your suggestion to write Hebrew words in flash cards – yofi! I did some and am enjoying your idea. Great way not to waste time and learn. Happy Independence Day ISRAEL! I was born the same year as Israel. I feel blessed because of that. :-D Bevakasha, how does one say “Next year in Yerushalayim” or “See you in Yerushalayim” in Hebrew?

  4. Enchang Kaimo says:

    Suggestion to write words in flash cards – yofi. Enjoying the cards to learn instead of wasting time. Toda!

  5. Erdem says:

    I enjoyed your bat mitvazh video very much.What do you think about the one we dedicated to our daughter Ivana: La Bat de Ivana Greetings from Montevideo, UruguayRicardo Mester

  6. Auth says:

    Targuman wrote an interesting post today on Emanuel Tov Profiled by Apple ComputerHere’s a quick exprcetEmanuel Tov Profiled by Apple Computer Published February 12, 2008 in Apple and Dead Sea Scrolls. 0 Comments I am proud to say that I scanned all of the DSS images for the first OUP/Brill CD-ROM (and edited the database) while a graduate student. The scanning was all done on an Apple machine (a Macintosh IIfx, if I recall correctly) and a rotating monitor. About 1/3 of the images had been scanned when I arrived, but by then we had moved from 150dpi to 300dpi so they all had to be resc

  7. walther says:

    thank you for take a time and teach hebrew online by wed…todah rabbat.

  8. Hassan says:

    Hi,I am a christian and have been stiudng the old teastment and specifcally the nation of Israel as a model of how church is to be lived out. I see the history of Isreal as important to every christian understanding of God and how he relates to His creation. I am going to be so bold as to put forth the possiblity that Israel, the family, the nation, was the first church. I am not a scholar just a Grandmother that Loves the God of Abraham.Blessings Connie

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