Israel says NO to anorexia

Shalom dear friends, today I would like to discuss a very important issue. A few days ago the Israeli Knesset passed on second and third reading the Models Law. The law states that only those with a BMI (Body Mass Index )over 18.5 are to be allowed to model.

The Models law prohibits underweight models to appear on ads, magazines, TV etc. In addition , any advertisement in which computer editing (Photoshop) was used to make a change in the model’s body and make her look thinner , would have to say it clearly.

Say no to anorexia!!

According to the Knesset’s Data base, there are over 1,500 children, including teenagers, diagnosed with eating disorders in Israel annually.

Many researches presented to the Knesset showed that one risk factor in developing an eating disorder is by glorifying the thin body.

The person who is responsible for this blessed change is Adi Barkan.Barkan is one of the most famous models agents in Israel and also a fashion photographer.

Barakan worked for a long time in Europe and New York and in 1998 he opened his own modeling agency in Tel Aviv, Israel.

As a model agent he came across many cases of underweight models, but one story made him understand that the fashion world has to change.

Hila Elmalich was a young anorexic model. In 2007, Elmalich was rushed to hospital after she collapsed. Sadly, she passed away due to her law weight. After her death, Barkan received hundreds of phone calls from young women suffering from anorexia. This experience persuaded Barkan to require all of his models to submit to BMI exams to demonstrate their physical health and lack of an eating disorder.


Barkan didn’t stop here, and in 2004 he submitted legislation to the Knesset requiring all modeling agencies in Israel to use the BMI (Body Mass Index) exam. By doing that, Israel became one of the first countries to pass such a law. The 2004 law didn’t apply on the rest of the fashion industry.

However, the present law applied to everyone in the fashion industry besides Non commercial advertisements.

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This week’s Hebrew tip: Learn the orthography of the Hebrew language .The Hebrew is written from right to left unlike most of the other languages.

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Main phrases of the Post, Transcription & Translation:

Female model – Dogmanit – דוגמנית

Male Model – Dogman – דֻּגְמָן

Israel’s parliament – Knesset – כְּנֶסֶת

Weight – mishkal – מִשְׁקָל

Fashion – ‏Ofna – אָפְנָה

3 Responses to Israel says NO to anorexia

  1. sharmilla williams says:

    Praise God. God wants us to be comfortable with how He created us. We r made in His image. Weight is irrelevant. Beauty comes from the inside.

  2. anas says:

    According to wikipedia, an etnohcracy is a form of government where representatives of a particular ethnic group hold a number of government posts disproportionately large to the percentage of the total population that the particular ethnic group(s) represents and use them to advance the position of their particular ethnic group(s) to the detriment of others. There are currently 14 Arab MKs. That constitutes 12% of the Knesset. Arab Israelis constitute about 20% of the population. (This may not be the percentage of the voting population, as I don’t know the difference in birthrates.)There are currently 43 black Congressmen. That constitutes 8% of Congress. African Americans constitute about 12% of the population. Note that the ratios are almost identical. Minorities are never proportionately represented in government. The latter part of the definition may hold in Israel, but you need both prongs to be an etnohcracy, so you’re probably wrong here. Israel is very much a democracy.

  3. Jesus says:

    Bullfighter waves cape in front of bull.Bull charges cape.Bullfighter revomes cape.But bull not being very smart keeps charging in spite of the fact that there is no cape anymore and really no reason to keep charging.Bull forces own body right into sword held by bullfighter who doesn’t even have to use any force to put sword into bull.Bull fighter=knesset supporters of billBull=Israeli members of Peace Now, etc.

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