The aleph-bet quiz for Independence Day

There are lots of different ways to learn Hebrew. A really fun way that I would like to share with you today is through a quiz – חִידָה. Today our topic will be Independence Day - “Yom Ha-’atsma’aut”.

Let’s start with the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet – the letter Aleph. This is the first letter of a place that was suggested as a possible alternative option for the Jewish state. A Jewish journalist from the USA claimed that a Jewish state could be established in a neighborhood of New York. He called the place “‘Ararat”- אֲרָרַט- which is the name of the mountain where Noah’s Ark landed after the flood.

Flag of Israel

The second letter in the Hebrew language is the letter bet. This is the first letter the word son or in Hebrew- “ben”- בֵּן. This is a common first name and is also often used in surnames, for example, the name of the first prime minister of Israel – (David) Ben-Gurion, as well as the surname of the man who revived Hebrew Language- (Eliezer) Ben-Yehuda.

A beautiful letter in the Hebrew language is the letter “peh”, which is also the word for “mouth.” This letter begins the name of a settlement that dates back to the Second Temple period, called “Peqi’in”- פקיעין.

The seventh letter in Hebrew is zayin. This letter begins the surname of a woman who, with the help of 16 others, hijacked a plane in order to help Jews escape from Russia to the Promised Land. She and the other members of the group were arrested in 1970 after they were caught by the Police. 1n 1974 Silvah Zalmenson – סילבה זלמנסון- arrived in Israel and has since then helped thousands of Russian Jews to emigrate to Israel from the former Soviet Union.

The last letter in Hebrew is tav. This is the letter that begins the words “thanks” in Hebrew- “toda”-תודה .

You can enjoy this word in the famous Naomi Shemer song:

Thank you very much for joining me today. Feel free to leave questions and comments here or on our Facebook fan page.

May you all have a blessed week, Iris


Word- Millah – מִלָּה

Quiz- Chidah – חִידָה

Place- Maqom-  מָקוֹם

Song- Shir – שִׁיר

Comment-Teguvah- תְּגוּבָה

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  1. randa says:

    I like this site very much always share your pages to my friends
    I learned Hebrew language & jewish history in university &I love it

  2. marian says:

    thank you

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