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Five facts about the Israeli Autumn

The most well common term in Israel during the holidays is “after the holidays” or in Hebrew: אחרי החגים (‘acharey hachagim). Usually people in Israel use this term in order to describe the time when they will start to do new things in their life, like to go on a diet, start learning a new [...]

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How to make Falafel ?

Shalom dear friends, today we will learn how to prepare one of the most popular and tasty dishes in Isreal: Falafel. It’s known as “Street Food”. Falafel is a deep-fried ball, made from Hummus grains (chickpeas). It is served in a pita or wrapped in a special flat bread known as Lafa.Inside the Pita you can [...]

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August in the Israeli beaches

Every country has that month in a year that is the busiest or as the travel agencies describe this as the high season. Well, dear fellows, August is the high season in Israel. A morning at the beginning of Month AV, the last days of AV and the first days of Month Elul are the [...]

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