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Interview with Yariv-part 2

And today : the continuation of Yariv’s interview. Enjoy! J: And is there much difference between the two? I imagine it’s a bit like our King James Bible, that authorized version of the Bible,and modern English. There are some words the same, but … Y: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, for me, as a person [...]

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Interview with Yariv-part 1

Today our Blog will be a little bit different: I would like to represent to you an interview with Yariv Bin nun. Yariv is the founder and the joint CEO of the eTeacher group. The interview took place at Premier Christian Radio, Jerusalem. Wednesday, September 21, 2011. As some of you may know, eTeacher’s online [...]

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9 Facts About Hannah Szenes

  1. Hannah Senesh was a Hungarian Jew, one of 37 Jews who lived in the British Mandate for Palestine (now Israel), who were trained by the British army to parachute into Yugoslavia during the Second World War in order to help save the Jews of Hungary, who were about to be deported to the [...]

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