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Expressions with the Word "Language" in Hebrew-part 2

When we go to the Machneh Yehuda market in <a href=”–-jerusalems-neiberhoods/” target=”_blank”>Jerusalem</a>, we use words that are different from those you would read in an article from the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Hebrew</a> University. One of the reasons for this is because we want to find a common language with the sellers. The expressions that we use [...]

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Expressions with the Word “Language” in Hebrew – Part 1

Like every language, Hebrew has many expressions that are common and used in different contexts in our life. Today we shall learn about the word “language” in Hebrew and a few expressions with this word Flash and fabulous shining sequin cocktail dresses never go wrong kids bounce house for holiday season. Get your shine Inflatable [...]

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A Few Words About Costumes

Every year, a month before we celebrate Purim, children and their parents start Water bounce house planning their costumes. In Hebrew, “costume” is “Tachposet”-תַּחְפֹּשֶׂת. Purim allows everyone to change their appearance, and sometimes even their gender, for a day. It is really interesting to see because in the Hebrew bible men are forbidden to wear [...]

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