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How to make chicken soup ?

This time of year, when the winter starts, many people catch a cold . There are medicines for these diseases, but the most known and natural one is the chicken soup. Chicken soup is a traditional folk remedy used to treat colds, flues

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Phrases in Hebrew with the word leg

In the Hebrew language, there are many sentences and phrases with the word leg. Regel is the word for leg\foot as spelled and pronounced in Hebrew. Today we will learn some of the most common and beautiful phrases in Hebrew. Enjoy!

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Sukkot Holiday: Why is the Sukkah Covered with Skhakh?

  Building a sukkah is commanded in the Bible for the Sukkot holiday. It comes with specific instructions how the sukkah is to be built. Special attention is given to the roof: Different types of kosher s’khakh serve as roofs for sukkot: woven bamboo mats and palm leaves. Credit for Photograph: The roof covering, [...]

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