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June 12th , 1942 – The beginning of a diary

If you ask anyone around the world what child they connect with the Holocaust era, Anne Frank is surely the response they would give. Over the last few years I’ve learned lots and re-read her famous diary, and I would like to share with you some of her observations about the world. For me, her [...]

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The most important date in Jewish History

In many conversations that my husband and I have about history in general and Jewish History in particular, there’s a question that we ask each other every year without fail – that is, what is the most important date in Jewish History? We’ve just finished discussing two important dates- the Festival of Weeks (Shavuot) and [...]

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21 years after climbing Everest

On May 21st, 1992 history was made by Doron Erel- דורון אראל. He was the first Israeli to climb to the highest point on earth – Mount Everest. Today we shall highlight few moments from the life of this mountain climber – מטפס הרים- Metapes Harim. Ever Flash and fabulous shining sequin cocktail dresses never go [...]

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