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Interview with Yariv-part 1

Today our Blog will be a little bit different: I would like to represent to you an interview with Yariv Bin nun. Yariv is the founder and the joint CEO of the eTeacher group. The interview took place at Premier Christian Radio, Jerusalem. Wednesday, September 21, 2011. As some of you may know, eTeacher’s online [...]

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Significance of 13 in Judaism

There is much confusion regarding the number 13. Why is it considered to be a good number in some places and a bad number in others? According to Jewish tradition, the number 13 is a very significant one and considered to be a blessed number. When a Jewish boy comes of age at 13 years [...]

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Phrases in Hebrew with the word hand

In the Hebrew language, you can find many phrases and expressions with the word hand. Yad is the word for hand as spelled and pronounced in Hebrew. Today we will learn some of the most common expressions in Hebrew with the word hand. Enjoy! The first phrase is “With a hand on the heart”- Im [...]

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