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Hebrew phrases from the plant world

Shalom friends, today we will learn beautiful Hebrew expressions revolving around the plant world. In the Hebrew language there are many references to trees, fruits and flowers. The origin of some is from the Hebrew Bible and the Talmud but there are also many phrases from the Modern Hebrew. Enjoy! The first phrase refers to [...]

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Hebrew phrases about Animals

Shalom friends, today I would like to teach you a few beautiful phrases in Hebrew revolve around animals. In Modern Hebrew and in Biblical Hebrew as well, the use of animals in sentences is very common. Many phrases are derived from the Hebrew Scriptures (Bible, Talmud) and some are taken from the Hebrew slang, Hebrew [...]

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Interview with Yariv-part 2

And today : the continuation of Yariv’s interview. Enjoy! J: And is there much difference between the two? I imagine it’s a bit like our King James Bible, that authorized version of the Bible,and modern English. There are some words the same, but … Y: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, for me, as a person [...]

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