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Simply Beautiful Expressions

Two expressions in Hebrew, which I find to be extremely beautiful. מסביר פנים Inflatable obstacle course for sale From appetizers to dessert, these recipes will make the season special.By Sandy Quadros Bowles   GIFILTE FISH1 lg Jar gifilte fish; good brand 1 bunch beets 1 bunch carrots 2 large Onions Pepper, lots Salt to taste [...]

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Food for the Soul – Dishes with Jewish North-African Flavors

When Fortuna was six-years-old she made aliya from Tripoli  (the capital city of Lybya ) to Israel. It was the mid fifties, and her family was settled in the Sharon area Jumpers for sale in a Ma’bara (מַעְבָּרָה, transit camp for newcomers in Israel). When she grew up she got married and continued [...]

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Expressions with the Word “Language” in Hebrew – Part 1

Like every language, Hebrew has many expressions that are common and used in different contexts in our life. Today we shall learn about the word “language” in Hebrew and a few expressions with this word Flash and fabulous shining sequin cocktail dresses never go wrong kids bounce house for holiday season. Get your shine Inflatable [...]

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