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Simply Beautiful Expressions

Two expressions in Hebrew, which I find to be extremely beautiful. מסביר פנים From appetizers to dessert, these recipes will make the season special.By Sandy Quadros Bowles   GIFILTE FISH1 lg Jar gifilte fish; good brand 1 bunch beets 1 bunch carrots 2 large Onions Pepper, lots Salt to taste Olive oil for cooking Garnish: [...]

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Food for the Soul – Dishes with Jewish North-African Flavors

When Fortuna was six-years-old she made aliya from Tripoli  (the capital city of Lybya ) to Israel. It was the mid fifties, and her family was settled in the Sharon area in a Ma’bara (מַעְבָּרָה, transit camp for newcomers in Israel). When she grew up she got married and continued living with her [...]

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Expressions with the Word “Language” in Hebrew – Part 1

Like every language, Hebrew has many expressions that are common and used in different contexts in our life. Today we shall learn about the word “language” in Hebrew and a few expressions with this word Flash and fabulous shining sequin cocktail dresses never go wrong for holiday season. Get your shine on in a sweet [...]

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