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Who is the hero?

When my husband asked his students in high school who is the person that they can describe as a hero, most of the answers were males like Samson, Judah the Maccabean, David, Hercules and more. However, when we speak about heroism do we always need to think about males, usually dressed with army clothes, or [...]

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The olive oil

When you light the “Chanukah Lamp”-חֲנֻכִּיָּה – Chanukiah –  we  sing the beautiful song חֲנֻכִּיָּה לִי יֵשׁ which means,  “I have a Chanukiah.” In the third stanza of this song, which was written by Sarah Glozman, we read: especiallyyours-wigs    | irresistible-wigs    | epiccosplay-wigs    | divatress-wigs    | lace-front-wigs    | hairsisters-lace-front-wigs    [...]

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Hebrew expressions with the word candle

Many Hebrew names include the word light (‘or- אוֹר) or candle (Ner-נֵר). My first born is named Neriyah- נֵרִיָּה. Other modern Hebrew names that you might hear these days are Oriyah, Ma’or, Orit and Ner. Today I would like to teach you some common Hebrew expressions with the word candle, since we are going to [...]

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