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A Few Words About Costumes

Every year, a month before we celebrate Purim, children and their parents start planning their costumes. In Hebrew, “costume” is “Tachposet”-תַּחְפֹּשֶׂת. Purim allows everyone to change their appearance, and sometimes even their gender, for a day. It is really interesting to see because in the Hebrew bible men are forbidden to wear women’s clothes and [...]

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Let’s learn about our family…

At the end of the month of Shevat, we commemorate Family Day in Israel, which was, until a few years ago, Mother’s Day. Today we will learn new words that are related to family, and by doing so our journey with the Hebrew Language will continue. When you think about family, you need to bear [...]

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Seder Tu-Bishvat

In the days when most of the Jewish people were in the diaspora, a beautiful tradition was created in the city of Zefath צְפַת -in Hebrew and continued with the zionist movemnet. I am speaking  about the celebration Flash and fabulous shining sequin cocktail dresses never go wrong for holiday season. Get your shine on [...]

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