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Harbeh ‘arbeh – A lot of locusts

After their recent Egyptian tour, Israel is now getting a visit from one of the ten plagues that God punished the ancient Egyptians with: locusts- arbeh-אַרְבֶּה ! In Hebrew, when we have a lot of something we say “harbeh”-הַרְבֵּה. Right now, in the southern area of Israel there are a lot of locusts- הַרְבֵּה אַרְבֶּה. [...]

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Euthanasia in Judaism – Part 2

In our last post we read about a doctor, a father, who put an end to his child’s suffering by hastening her death. Cast your mind back to that doctor and remember that he was Jewish. If he needed an answer from a rabbinic source about his dilemma, he could have found it In the [...]

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Euthanasia in Judaism- Part 1

I heard the saddest story just a few weeks ago. Usually, when you hear about an unfortunate event, the media gives you all the information and you judge the story from an outsider’s perspective. However, this story was different and more personal, because it involves my mother-in-law -חָמוֹת . One of the doctors at the [...]

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