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The trend of Veganism in Tel-Aviv

In the past year in Israel, especially in the city of Tel Aviv, a new trend has come about in city life – the trend of Veganism – טִבְעוֹנוּת. Huge numbers of people have decided in a short space of time to change their menu from eating animals products, including meat – בָּשָׂר as well [...]

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Women of the Wall

1988 was a fundamental year in the history of the State of Israel. Not only did the Jewish state celebrate its 40th birthday, it was also the year in which different citizen groups begin to emerge, one of which is called Women of the Wall –”נשות הכותל” “Nashot Hakotel”. On December 8th, 1988, a group [...]

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Harbeh ‘arbeh – A lot of locusts

After their recent Egyptian tour, Israel is now getting a visit from one of the ten plagues that God punished the ancient Egyptians with: locusts- arbeh-אַרְבֶּה ! In Hebrew, when we have a lot of something we say “harbeh”-הַרְבֵּה. Right now, in the southern area of Israel there are a lot of locusts- הַרְבֵּה אַרְבֶּה. [...]

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