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Let’s speak about the truth

One of the most beautiful words in Hebrew is the word אֱמֶת (Aleph-Mem-Tav) which means “truth.” The truth is something that we always strive for in our lives and there are many ways in which we try to achieve that goal. Last week we commemorated two days upon which two important leaders were killed simply [...]

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Isaac Bashevis Singer – 22 years after his death

 As we have seen in recent posts, there is a strong connection between Yiddish and Modern Hebrew. The most famous Jewish author that wrote the majority of his works in Yiddish is Isaac Bashevis Singer. This month we commemorate 22 years since his passing.  Singer was a fiction writer who initially began writing in Hebrew, [...]

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109 years after Herzl

The name most synonymous with Zionism is Theodore Herzl. This month on June 30th we will mark 109 years since his passing. An important fact that not many people are aware of is that Israel was only one of the several pieces of land that offered to Jews to establish their homeland. This is discussed [...]

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