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English Programs at Israeli Universities and Colleges

If you are a student and have been considering studying in Israel in English, Most Israeli universities and colleges provide this service. English programs at Israeli universities and colleges Listing of programs taught in English for students from abroad at undergraduate and graduate levels, and summer programs Students at Sapir College, Sderot (Photo GPO / [...]

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Using a Foreign Driver’s License in Israel

Practical advices when using your driver license in Israel, either as a tourist or immigrant. These requirements apply to the following types of vehicles: motorcycles, private vehicles, and commercial vehicles up to 15 tons. A valid foreign driver’s license, issued at least six months before the date of entry into the country. Medical and eye [...]

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The Magical Attraction of the Zionist Enterprise

About 3.5 million Jews have immigrated into Israel between the beginning of the 20th century and the end of 2008. What brought them to Israel? The reasons are many and varied: ideology, religion, finances, social and even randomness. Some of them came to realize the Zionist vision or to build here a new and more [...]

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