Conservative Conversion in Israel – all the details


The Orthodox way is dominant process converting to Judaism, yet the Conservatives still have a say in this matter.

Who may be accepted to the conversion process?

  1. Citizens of the State of Israel who hold a Teudat Zehut (Identity Card)
  2. Holders of a Teudat Zehut (Identity Card) who are currently undergoing the process to receive citizenship (5A)
  3. In special cases, tourists may be accepted with the permission of the Beit Din

***Non-citizens without legal visas will not be accepted***

Conservative Conversion in Israel

What are the different steps of the conversion process?

  1. Contacting the local rabbi for a preliminary interview
  2. Beginning participation in congregational activities and learning groups
  3. First interview with the Beit Din
  4. Continuation of learning and congregational activities until the completion of the Jewish yearly cycle
  5. Brit Milah (circumcision) for men
  6. Final interview (test) with the Beit Din and the Tevilah (ritual immersion) afterwards
  7. Ceremony for receiving and welcoming the convert to the community

What is the process for children of a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother?

  • In the case that the individual has lived his/her life as a Jew and is familiar with Jewish practice and learning, there may be an option to shorten the process.
  • Shortening the length of the process will be determined only by the Beit Din. We do not make any promises to any conversion candidate before he/she appears before the Beit Din.

What are the legal steps of the Reform conversion?

  1. Reform conversion is recognized for the purposes of registering with the Population Registry (Ministry of Interior) only.
  2. Our conversions do not grant oleh (immigrant) status under the Law of Return.
  3. Our conversions are not recognized by the Chief Rabbinate.
  4. Changing one’s record at the Population Registry requires legal action and a fee (1000 NIS). In special cases, one may be exempt from paying this fee.

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E-H Dictionary

English How pronounced Hebrew
Conversion Hamarah


Conversion to Judaism Giyur


Process Tahalikh


Continuation Hemshekh


Interview Re’ayon





promises  /s

Havtakhah / Havtakhot

הבטחה / הבטחות

Population Registry Misham Ha’Okhlosin

מרשם האוכלוסין

Cycle Ma’agal


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